Typical Workflow for Design Hand off

Generally speaking, I use Adobe XD for designing interfaces.

However I am happy to utilize Figma or Sketch depending on what you and your team is already comfortable in using.

If I intend to invoke interest in a particular design prototype or to seek user feedback, my choice is to use Protopie to develop interactive prototypes before a single line of code is deemed necessary. Nevertheless I am happy to use either FramerMarvelapp or Invision, if you or your team has existing knowledge and experience in these prototyping platforms. Whichever tool is used, interactive prototypes are the best way to give life to otherwise static screen designs.

Upon final design approval, I’ll generally upload the design assets to Zeplin which is a collaborative space for teams to be on top of the design and coding implementation. Hand off of designs and style guides is simplified and your developer can obtain accurate specs, assets, and even code snippets to ensure a seamless transition.

Lets collaborate on your next project

I strive in coming up with innovative design ideas for my clients. Please send me more details regarding your project and I will be happy to assist you!